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1980: “Roseferns Dramatic Troupe” wa established on 25th Oct, 1980, with the Konkani drama “Thapott” (The Slap), an unparalleled record-smash series of 205 shows. His themes being timeless, Roseferns re-staged “Thapott” 25 times two decades later. The masterpiece also marked a rare achievement in the history of Konkani theatre by completing 230 shows.
1983: On the occasion of the hundredth show of “Arso” (The Mirror), Roseferns was crowned as “The King of Centuries” in October, 1983 at the hands of Mr Talwar, the then Commissioner for Customs & Excise. The Chandor Jaycees too voted him “The Outstanding Person of the Year”.
1984: The year dawned with the Vasco Citizen’s Committee honouring Roseferns at “The Greatest King of Centuries” in January, 1984, at the hand of Mr Simon Fernandes, the then Speaker of the Goa Assembly, for the drama “Xezari”.
1992: Felicitated by the “Konkani Academy” in 1992 while celebrating 100 years of Konkani Tiatr.
1995: Roseferns was appointed Member of the ‘Advisory Committee’ of the Kala Academy for 1995-1997.
1995: Roseferns was elected President of the Konkani Tiatristanchi Sounstha, a dramatic association for the year 1995-1997.

[to be continued]