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Until 2007, multi-talented Roseferns only wrote and directed his plays and acted in them. However, in 2008, he diversified in the production of video films.
Don Rupam was the first VCD Roseferns wrote, directed and produced. “Don Rupam”, a gripping love story with many a twists, comprised a well-knit cast of his renowned ensemble Roseferns Dramatic Troupe. The caste included Roseferns, Ulhas Tari, Ageema, Kiran, Dezzy, Sydney and the comedian duo of Sally and Selvy.The tuneful music was scored by Lenoy Gomendes. Joywin Fernandes shot the story at Lens Studio in Sirlim besides panoramic outdoor locations, while the post-production was executed by Home Video in Cortalim.
Ek Vat Mennachi: With a fantastic response for “Don Rupam”, Roseferns produced “Ek Vat Mennachi” the following year. The cast changed with Jessica, Antonette de Maina, Jaju, Roseanna and Sydney joining the earlier complement comprising Ageema, Ulhas Tari, Dr Kiran, comedians Sally and Selvy, and Roseferns. The child artistes included Joshua, Earl, Keefee, Kishia, Evner, Mia and Heidi. The movie also had wonder dogs Choco and Figo. Playback singing was by Succurine, Ulhas Tari, Tony de Ribandar, Roseanna and Ageema.
Kanteantlem Ful:Roseferns shone in a stellar role in “Kanteantlem Ful”, a film produced by Sinaris and D’Costa Telefilm Production.
Padri: Roseferns also acted in “Padri”, a celluloid feature film produced by popular Konkani playwright-director-filmmaker Prince Jacob.
O Maria: A movie being shot by award winning Goan producer Rajendra Talak has featured Roseferns in the star-studded cast.